Studies of fortune
  by Uezumi Setsuko
         Uezumi Setsuko          

In the world,there are many ways to tell one's fortune . Recently the number of people who study fortunetelling individually and try to predict their fortune by themselves is increasing rapidly. I think it's an extremely good tendency. Thus we can recognize our own characters and while trying to diminish our vice, we can develop our virtues. Also by knowing when misfortunes may appear we can try to avoid them. I believe studies of fortunetelling will tell you how most of the misfortunes are caused by our own way of thinking and our contacts with other people.

nIn fortunetelling, I attempt to make the best of many methods and suggest better ways of living and thinking. It is splended to improve relationships with your family,friends and coleagues by fortunetelling.

nShukuyo Senpo (27stars chinese fortunetelling method) can tell you what your personal characteristics are and also how to keep good-term relasionships with other people.

nSanmei Senpo can tell you in details your fortune/your destiny, the lucky moments and the problems in your life/for a period of a day, a month, a year or ten years.

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