What is Shukuyo Senpo?

p Scripture of Shukuyo Senpo (Chinese 27 Stars Fortunetelling
waintroduced by Kobo-daishi
(a well-known Buddhistpriest)1200 years ago.

The method was used mostly in temples and in the
noble people.The scripture is thought to be influenced
by fortunetelling originated inIndia
which is based on the movements of the Moon
as well as fortunetelling introduced in Greece.

pThe Indians thought that the Moon inhabits every day
a bright star and goes round the space for 27days.
They named each star 'Shuku'.

pPeople associated their birthday with one of the 27stars
and thought that they would acquire characters and behavior
like their star.

pNow let's get to know the 27stars and see what your fortune,
the fortune
of your family, your friends',your partner and
colleagues are.
Thus make our daily life happier.